App Store created 164 million dollar publishers in 2018


A new report by the Sensor Tower has covered that App Store has created 164 new app publishers which monetized their apps, to more than $ 1 million as terms of in app purchases and subscriptions. While, Google Play Store had 88 which in nearly half of the App Store.

As per the analysis by the App Store Intelligence Firm, 164 App publishers earned a million dollar or more in terms of net revenue on the App Store (U.S) in 2018. While App Store has more million dollar publishers but Google Play Store is growing at a better pace of producing million dollar publishers.

The firm has found out that in 2017 App Store had 143 App Publishers (15 percent growth in 2018) with an earning of a million dollar or more, meanwhile Google Play Store had 71 App publishers (24 percent growth in 2018).

The full report have listed that the category which earned the most is Games for both App Store and Google Play. App Store had 54 (33 percent) Games out of 164 app publishers of which the FoxNext Games’ Marvel Strike Force earned the most with more than $15 million this year.

On Google Play 65% out of the 88 million dollar publishers were Games, Social category came in at second place.

The report have concluded that both the app store has been growing rapidly with combined downloads hit 113 billion in the year with $76 billion spent by consumers, as of mid-December.

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