Americans, the most stressed as per the Gallup Report


Every third person in the world found to be stressed, worried and in pain last year, and a whopping more than half of the Americans feel pressure and strain as per the Gallup Global Emotions Report 2018. The report gathered all information from the data collected with adults in 143 countries.

Paraguay and Panama scored the highest score of 85, while Afghanistan scored the lowest score of 43 in the Positive Experience Index (PEI). Latin American countries scored the most in the ranging from 85 to 81 which proves that adults in these countries feel a lot of positive emotions each day

55% of the Americans feels stressed during much of the day which is more than all but three other countries, including top-ranking Greece (59%), which has topped the list since 2012. Close to half of the Americans felt worried (45%) and more than a fifth (22%) felt angry, which is more than 2017.

Highest Positive Index 2018
Highest Positive Index 2018

Lowest Positive Index 2018
Highest Positive Index 2018

Chad the Most Negative Country in the world

Highest Negative Experience
Highest Negative Experience

Chad, the North African Country was named the most Negative in the world with a top score of 56 on the Highest Negative Index which suffers violence, displacement and the collapse of basic services in parts of Chad that have affected thousands of families. The report claims that more than seven in 10 Chadians (72%) said they struggled to afford food at some point in the past year.

Full Report is available here to download.

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