Alexa can now solve your Maths Problem with Wolfram Alpha

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa can now help you solve your Maths and Science problems like Siri. Alexa integrated with Wolfram Alpha to get the similar feature like Apple’s voice assistant Siri.

Alexa is already integrated with Wikipedia, Yelp, Accuweather and, but wasn’t able to answer Geography, Maths, or Engineering queries. And now with the addition of Wolfram Alpha it will get a very valuable upgrade and present you better and much accurate answers to your queries.

Wolfram Alpha is a major source of information for a high number of users. Even schools and colleges uses its services for information.

Apple’s voice assistant Siri is already integrated with Wofgram Alpha since its launch in iPhone 4s in 2011. Google’s voice assistant doesn’t have Wolfgram Alpha integrated with it and still relies on its own search technology to answer your queries.

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