AI-powered Deep Nostalgia turns your old photos into live videos

Deep Nostalgia AI

Photos of your family members that are no longer with you brings memories back to you and people have always been preserving old photos of their family members.

Many developers around the world has developed that can animate still photos into short videos using AI, now an online genealogy company MyHeritage has started a new service named Deep Nostalgia that uses AI licensed from D-ID to create the effect that a still photo is moving and appears like Live Photo in iOS

An AI-powered service called Deep Nostalgia that animates still photos has become the main character on Twitter this fine Sunday, as people try to create the creepiest fake “video” possible, apparently.

Deep Nostalgia can use photos taken from any camera and bring life to those still photos using pre-recorded driver videos of facial movements and using AI applies the one that works best for the still photo selected by the user. The company notes that this service is designed to allows you to upload photos of your deceased loved ones and them in “action.”

The service works in easy steps with just creating a free account on MyHeritage and then uploading a photo (up to five photos) you want to animate. Then the system will automatically process the image, with enhancing the image, animate and create a GIF of the uploaded image.

On the website FAQ page, it mentions that it does not provide the photos to any third parties, and on its main page a message reads “photos uploaded without completing signup are automatically deleted to protect your privacy.”

If you want to create more than five animated images you have to take the paid subscription of the service.

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