A new startup lets you view Nitrogen Dioxide presence

Vehicles emissions

Descartes Labs, a new startup lets you view the presence of the Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) gas which leads to the acid rain, haze, and lung problems. Nitrogen Dioxide is also produced naturally, while humans are the major emitters of this gas, as per the Environmental Protection Agency.

Fuel-burning vehicles, power plants, industries and construction equipment can send nitrogen dioxide to the atmosphere. Forest fires and agricultural burning also leads to nitrogen dioxide emission in the environment.

A flat layout of the NO2 map (source: Descartes Labs)

Descartes Labs says there source of data is the Sentinel 5P satellite which was launched in October 2017 that monitors the atmosphere. It is one of the satellite launched by the European Space Agency that are aim to observe our planet such as vegetation, temperature, and even it looks for cracks in Antarctic ice.

Nitrogen Dioxide doesn’t travels long so it just appear mostly in the cities and urban areas where the presence of fuel-burning vehicles appears more and contaminate the air we breathe.

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