5G cell towers are under attacks in the UK and Netherlands

5G Protests

Multiple reports of attacks on 5G cell towers have been reported in the United Kingdom and now similar reports have been seen in the Netherlands as reported by De Telegraaf (via Reuters) that the attackers committed torching or damage against several cell towers in the Netherlands. In the past week, there have been about four similar attacks around the country.

National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism (NCTV) said there had been “various incidents.” It’s still not clear that the attacks are linked with Anti-5G and COVID-19 but with at least one perpetrator spraying a slogan opposing the new wireless tech makes a doubting case.

Since the announcement of the 5G technology in the Netherlands last year mutiple protests has been seen against it but there had “never before” been violent acts, according to NCTV. Officials said that this could disrupt communications, including for emergency services, and that they were in “close contact” with police and providers.

There has been no sounding support evidence that 5G technology has harmful effects. In more detail, the higher-frequency signal is so easily blocked that it doesn’t even seep through the inner layer of skin, and cell networks operate at such low power that they’re well below the safe limit for radiation exposure.

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