2019 was the second warmest year recorded on Earth says NOAA and NASA

Earth from Space

Planet Earth is warming at a very high rate and in 2019 the second-highest temperature was recorded on Earth in NOAA’s 140-year climate record, the temperature recorded was just firmly (0.04-degree Celcius) behind the temperature recorded in 2016.

According to the scientists from NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) the world’s five warmest years have all occurred since 2015 and nine of the 10 warmest years occurring since 2005. It was also noted that the ocean heat content, which describes the amount of heat stored in the upper-levels of the ocean, was the highest ever recorded on Earth.

Global Average Temperature from January to December 2019

NASA scientists also found that 2010-2019 was the hottest decade ever recorded. While the scientists from the UK Met Office discovered that 2019 was one of the top three hottest years on record, and the World Meteorological Organization also ranked 2019 second warmest for the globe.

Notables from the research:

  • December 2019 was the second highest-ever recorded December with an average temperature 1.89 degrees F (1.05 degrees C) was just fairly-above the December 2015.
  • Parts of Central Europe, Asia, Australia, southern Africa (including the island of Madagascar), New Zealand, Alaska, Mexico, and eastern South America had record-high average land temperatures in 2019.

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