ZAO, a new free Deepfake face-swapping goes viral

Zao App

The world is still not done with FaceApp’s AI-enabled aging features and a new app named Zao is the latest addition to the deep fake face-swapping application which can swap any image of your likeness to any movie character or a tv show with just a single picture.


As reported by Bloomberg Zao app was released on Friday and has gone viral in China and swiftly reached the list of top free apps in Chinese iOS app store.

Just like FaceApp the creator of the Zao app is facing privacy concern threatening the privacy of the users, in the app store details the developer of the Zao app has been listed as Changsha Shenduronghe Network Technology, which Bloomberg writes is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Momo, a Chinese company that owns a live-streaming and dating service.

It displays the development of technology that once a deep fake video was created using hundreds of images now it can create do more and can add image of your likeness in a video using a single image.

The older version of the Zao app privacy policy which stated that the app had “free, irrevocable, permanent, transferable and relicense-able” rights to all this user-generated content raged the criticism against the app and it received thousands of negative reviews on the app store.

Since the company has updated its terms and the new policy says that it won’t use headshots or mini videos uploaded by users for purposes other than to improve the app or things pre-agreed by users. If users delete the content they uploaded, the app will erase it from its servers as well.

The China E-Commerce Research Center proposed authorities to look into the matter on Monday morning as the app “violates certain laws and standards set by the nation and the industry,” the research house said in a statement, quoting Wang Zheng of the Taihang Law Firm.

Developing more to follow…

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