Why Your Smartphone’s Battery Drain So Fast?

Since battery drainage is one of the major problems in smartphones but still you can expand your battery life see how?

Nowadays milliamp Hour getting higher and higher day by day in smartphones, there was the time when battery used to be 800 mAh but now it’s over 4000 mAh in some devices.

Energizer has made a smartphone with 18000 mAh battery.

Anyway, let’s talk about How your battery Drain so Fast and How you can prevent such drainage?

Battery drainage problem depends upon various factors however major reasons are the following;-

  • Left WiFi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data turned on even when not required
  • By using a bad connectivity internet
  • By using unnecessary applications such as Antivirus applications or Cleaners
  • By using touch sounds while typing and doing stuff.

The above list is not exhaustive since there are plenty of reasons behind drainage.

Low battery

How to Prevent battery drainage?

1.Control over battery usage

What does that mean, control those applications which consume more power, Turn off their background App refreshing

Battery consumption by various applications

2.Turn off Mobile data, WiFi & Bluetooth when not required

Turning off all essentials

3.Turn off or Reduce Transparency and Animations

I know it is good to see how transparency makes your smartphone quite amazing. the same goes to Animations how your phone switch the applications, open the application and all.

4.Shouldn”t Charge so frequently

Frequently charging could cause damage to your battery since the rechargeable battery always has more or less limit of charging. Generally speaking, after charging 400 times of normal Lithium-ion battery lose its maximum capacity of charging.

So, make sure that you shouldn’t charge your smartphone’s battery very frequently.

5.While chargingYour Phone Wdisabling your Mobil data

While Charging it is always customary to advise that you should turn off your mobile data.As it cut out your charging time up to 40%.

6. Keep Your Smartphone on room temperature

You should avoid using your smartphone underneath your blanket as it increases the temperature of your phone which might affect your smartphone’s battery life.

7. Keep Your Smartphone’s Ram Clean

Clearing Ram is always helping in save the battery percentage when you’re playing heavy games or streaming to music.

Usually it is very easy in androids to clean up the Ram however it would be a complicated task in iOS.

How to Clear Ram in iOS?

  • Press the Power button until “Power Off” Option Came in.
  • Now Press Home button (If You have IPhone 8 plus or older).
  • Press both until it automatically bring you to Home Screen back.
  • All is done!!!!

8.Use Power Saver (if possible)

Low power Mode

Usually, Power Saver doesn’t seems helpful in Battery saving but believe it or not Power Saver mode really has some value in order to save your Smartphone’s battery.

9. Prevent Highest Brightness settings or Automatic Brightness

The Highest brightness could affect your Smartphone’s battery life.

Highest Brightness must be prohibited

So, these were the reasons “Why Your Smartphone’s battery drain So Fast?” and How to Prevent battery drainage?

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