Vivo’s port-less Apex concept phone

Vivo Apex

Vivo displayed its port-less Apex 2019 concept phone at the event in Hong Kong. The main features of the new device are that it got no ports, 5G connectivity and a fingerprint sensor that works in all of the screen area. Apex was expected to be displayed at the Mobile World Congress 2019, but the public display got a delay.

The body of the phone is built with a single piece of glass and it makes the phone looks really beautiful, the phone uses a blend of capacitive and pressure sensors to function the volume and power buttons.

The screen itself vibrates in place of the speaker to make the sound the phone has a magnetic connector for charging and data transfer and you can put your finger or multiple fingers anywhere on the front of the screen to unlock the phone.

As its just a concept phone you can’t expect it to be coming in the market this year.

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