Top new features of the iOS 13, iOS 13 Public Beta is available now

iOS 13

Apple at the WWDC 2019 announced the iOS 13 which will bring in various improvements and new features to the iOS devices. We listed the top new features you will be getting in the upcoming version of the iOS.

iOS 13 Public Beta is available now so if anyone has a compatible iPhone can give it a try and give feedback to the company if they encounter any bugs.

If your device is supported by iOS 13, here’s how to install the iOS 13 public beta today:

iOS 13 beta
  • Head to Apple’s Beta Software Program website via Safari on your iPhone
  • If you’re already a member, click “Sign in.” If not, choose “Sign up,” enter your Apple ID information, and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Tap the “Enroll Your Devices” link and make sure you’re on the iOS tab of the interface
  • Apple will recommend that you perform a backup using iTunes; this is not required but it is highly recommended
  • Scroll to the Install Profile section of the website and choose “Download Profile”
  • Once you authorize the download, open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Along the top, you should see a message saying you have a profile ready to be installed; tap that and install the profile as seen in the screenshots above
  • Your iPhone should now restart to complete the profile installation
  • Once your iPhone has restarted, go to Settings > General > Software Update. You should now see the iOS 13 update ready to be installed.

Once you’ve completed the initial install of the iOS 13 public beta, you’ll receive updates over-the-air just like you would for any other iOS version. Expect updates to be released roughly every two weeks until September.

Improved Performance

Learning from the past Apple has focused on bringing the improvements to the iOS 13 for all devices including the older devices. iOS 12 slowed down older devices and Apple is confirmed that the iOS 13 will run smoothly on each and every device.

Apple says that the Face ID will unlock the device 30% faster and the apps will run twice as fast as the iOS 12.

Dark Mode

The most anticipated and the most significant visual update to iOS since iOS 7 when Apple changed the whole UI of its iOS running devices.

iOS 13 will have a system-level Dark Mode which means all its apps including Maps, Notes, Calendar, Music, and Messages will have Dark Mode. Dark Mode will be available to the Notifications and the dock.

After Google announced that the Dark Mode will be available to the upcoming Android Q, and Apple confirmed today so the Dark Mode is coming to both Software in 2019.

Dark Mode is claimed to be reducing eye strain and saves battery-life but the facts for Dark Mode are shaky as per scientific concerns.

Swiping Keyboard

Apple is adding the swiping function to its own keyboard which Apple calls “Quick Path” keyboard which means you don’t have to use the third-party keyboard apps like SwiftKey, Swype, or Gboard.

Not a huge upgrade but it’s good to have this feature.


Apple is bringing updates to its Reminders app with a new look of the app and adding new “Today,” “Scheduled,” “Flagged,” and “All” filtering options for sorting your tasks.

Reminders with the addition of AI will help you get reminded about anything that you added and also now you can tag contacts to your reminders and you will know when and whom you have to message.

Apple is also removing the old paper-like texture that had been there since the original version of iOS.

Apple Maps

Apple is bringing a whole new redesign and adding new features to its Maps app and also Apple is bringing a new feature like Google Street View. The new Maps will be available in select cities and states in the start and will roll out in the US in 2019 and internationally it will be available in 2020.


Privacy has been a major focus for Apple and moving in with it, Apple has added the “just once” option for apps to use the location data of the user so now you can allow the app to use your location when you use it.

Apple is also launching a new “Sign in with Apple” feature which will be available to app developers to let the users logging into the apps and services. Users will be able to make an account using Face ID or Touch ID to create a new account for a service “without revealing any personal information”.

Also, Apple will be able to automatically create new, private email addresses on a per-app basis that will be forwarded to your real email, blocking apps from getting access to your email or spamming you.


iMessage will now have a WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger like profile pictures and display names that let users share their name and photos with other users for Messages.

You can also use your Memoji as your profile picture, adding new customizing features to Memoji you can now create a sticker pack of your Memoji and those stickers can be used in third-party apps also.

New Photo and Video Editor

Apple is bringing new features to its editing tools for photos and now videos to iOS 13. You’ll be able to edit brilliance, highlights, shadows, contrast, saturation, white balance, sharpness, definition, vignette, and noise reduction on your content.

And for videos, in particular, you’ll finally be able to rotate them directly on the device.

The Photos app is also getting a new UI design, which will use machine learning to wipe off duplicates and weird clutter like screenshots for easy browsing.

Find My

The iOS 13 will merge the old Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps into a single app called the “Find My” this will help you find your iPhone and your family and friends at one place and at the same time.

The new app can also locate devices that are offline by sending a secure Bluetooth beacon to other Apple devices, relaying it back to Apple, and then, ultimately, to you. (The whole thing is end-to-end encrypted and shouldn’t affect data use, battery life, or privacy.)

External Storage

Finally, iOS will be able to pull files from SD cards and USB flash drives to import into the Files app.

iOS 13 will be compatible with these devices:

  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPod Touch (7th generation)

iOS 13 will be available in the fall this year.

For further details click here

A developer preview will is live following the keynote, with a public beta program later this month.

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