TCL Made A Prototype of Rollable Scrollable Smartphone

TCL Rollable Smartphone

TCL is though very advaned company and made the prototype of first-ever a Rollable smartphone,

Unlike Samsung Fold and Huawei Mate X which actually are foldable smartphones in the market so far now it is the time for Rollable and Scrollable smartphones/

Although we can’t really predict which will last longer whether foldable or scrollable or else however the level of technology always excites us that these tech companies are offering year after year.

Smartphone: A Rollable Screen

Well a single rollable screen seems so wonderful thing as you are only using the screen in your hand and incredible thing about that you can also extend that screen furthermore.

Rollable screen prototype looks pretty amazing though it is more like unrealistic paper display.

Samsung has already been working on foldable display which is more based on paper displays in Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z flip.

Maybe Rollable could be the future but no one knows if they will be generally acceptable concept by more of the nontechy people around the world however that’s true these displays look more fancy than ever

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