Spectre a new iOS camera app helps you create great long exposures

Long Exposures photography for iPhone

Chroma Noir & Rune, the Los Angeles based company that developed the much popular Halide, an iOS based camera app that helps users advanced RAW shooting and other powerful tools announced a new iOS camera app Spectre that lets the users take stunning long exposures which is usually take by the DSLR Cameras.

Spectre costs at $1.99 comes with the advanced feature of long exposures which can’t be done by using the camera app of an iPhone or the Google Pixel, however can be achieved using the manual photo mode of Samsung, LG and some other phone cameras. Please take a look at the video below to understand the app performance.

Spectre App

Not just the long exposures, Spectre uses the Artificial Intelligence and computational photography to process enhanced long exposures without the usual disturbances, which means you can even remove the crowd from the scene even if you’re taking long exposures of locations that is surrounded by a large number of people.

Spectre uses the exposure differently than usual iPhone camera, it takes hundreds of shots over the span of a few seconds and continues the exposure optimization so that nothing is blown out or in total darkness. The app uses machine learning for scene recognition, and “AI stabilization” allows the user for 9-second handheld exposures without the need for any handling device.

So, if you’re a big iPhone photography lover you must get this app in your iPhone as the company is offering the app at $1.99 in the introductory offer. The price of the app may get a increase in some weeks.

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