Snapchat launched its first original game Bitmoji Party

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Snap Inc. has announced Bitmoji Party, its first original multiplayer game which will be played in Snapchat at the Snap Partner Summit held at West Hollywood, California. Bitmoji Party will be available today around the world for both iOS and Android.

Bitmoji Party offers a string of mild challenging mini-games and it is specifically designed to be played in small groups, the new game is focused on keeping user inside the app for longer and also add new users to the app.

Snap has also announced five new games will be introduced to the app including games from Zynga.

Last year Snap added the Snappables game which was played using the Camera Lens. However, Bitmoji Party is a different game as it is played live with a group of people.

How to Play?

Once available, users can play the game by tapping the new rocket icon which will be available in the Snapchat Chat Screen and then inviting friends to play the game. While in the game the users can chat with friends via voice or text in a window on the screen. Some of the games can also be played solo, the company said.

Since the games are developed in HTML5, users can play the game without downloading heavy files.

Games included: Alphabear Hustle, a cooperative word game; C.A.T.S.: Drift Race, a racing game from the developer of Cut the Rope; Snake Squad and Tiny Role, a pair of battle royale games; and Zombie Rescue Squad

To generate revenue from the new games Snap has introduced 6 seconds ads to the games which also gives users rewards (virtual currency) to be used in the games.

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