Samsung caught using DSLR Photo for Smartphone camera

Samsung Website

Samsung has been known for developing great camera phones and since the introduction of “Portrait Mode” some phone cameras are becoming rivals of DSLR cameras. But its no longer a secret that smartphone companies use DSLR Photos for the advertisement of their phones “Portrait Mode”.

Writer and Photographer Dunja Djudjic posted on DIY Photography that she spotted that Samsung Malaysia has been using one of her photo which she has sold on the Photo site EyeEm, the main issue here is that Samsung is using her photo which was taken from an unnamed DSLR Camera she owns for the advertisement of their new smartphone ‘Samsung Galaxy A8 star‘.

This is not the first time Samsung Mobile has used stock images for the advertisement of their smartphone, As Djudjic notes in her story, Samsung Brazil got caught doing this same thing as recently as August, and Huawei did the same thing for the commercial of Huawei Nova 3i that same month. 

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