Now Win Exciting Prizes Just By Walking Daily Install StepSetGo Application

The Application that encourage you to Walk more and stay healthily and gives chances to win exciting Prizes for your effort in walking.

StepSetGO Apk

There probably several applications which offers you a lot of baits however this application is based on genuine concept which offers you a lot of exciting prizes named as StepSetGo (SSG).

Winning Prizes isn’t that easy, team look over whether you are putting your efforts daily or not since it converts your steps in Coins (i.e SSG Coins) and those coins can be redeemable in the form of buying Products.

It has amazing Products as Prizes such as iPhone XR, PlayStation 4, Mi Band etc. these all products has their own criteria like 14999 SSG Coins for iPhone XR and so on.

Steps converts in coins in an order shown in below table:

Indoor 1000 Steps1 SSG Coins
Outdoor 1000 Step1.25 SSG Coins

User Interface StepSetGo

Stepsego Interface
IStepsego Interface

This Application can also be helpful in analyzing your progress in walking or Running. As more and more you walk more you earn.
For every 1000 Steps you will get 1 SSG Coin indoor or if you walk outdoor instead of 1 SSG 1.25 SSG will be added.Also it after upgrading your rank your SSG per 1000 steps will increase.

Since it offers you a lot of amazing gift which really motivates people to walk and stay happy.


Stepsetgo offer Mi band
Stepsetgo offer Mi band

Apart from MI Band it has Playstation,iPhone and other expensive gifts however it isn’t that easy to win iPhone takes more than 14K SSG coins which means you need to walk around 1 Cr. 40 Lacs Steps.

Don’t get upset it has more exciting gift coupons for shopping and exciting gifts such as Sony Headphones and some essential items.

What are you waiting for Download this app now and start walking and earn.

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