Mobile Internet faster than WiFi in 33 countries


We all use to connect to the Wi-Fi service whenever available to get faster internet access because the mobile internet turns down slow. But according to a new research, this belief isn’t true in multiple places around the world.

Open Signal, a company that is a specialist in mapping wireless coverage, conducted a study in 80 countries that displayed that mobile internet is faster than the average Wi-Fi hotspot in 33 countries.

The list of the countries is not only developing countries, the study shows that in countries like Australia, Lebanon, Greece, and Myanmar, mobile internet is generally 10 to 13 Mbps faster than the average Wi-Fi enabled broadband.

Image Source: One Signal

In countries where mobile internet is faster and more readily available, such as the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Wi-Fi broadband still leads mobile internet.

In earlier years, the study proved that the Wi-Fi network is faster and provides a better internet user experience for users. The mobile internet was not cheap and costs more if you exceed your monthly limits under 2G and 3G networks. But since the introduction of LTE service internet usage have been extremely cheap and provides faster speed than Wi-Fi hotspot.

5G services are about to rollout in mobile devices which will outspeed LTE services so the Wi-Fi might lose the race against mobile internet in large countries like United States.

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