LG unveiled the 'LG UX 9.0' new User Interface similar to Samsung's One UI

LG UX 9.0

South Korean electronics giant LG has revealed the new User Interface “LG UX 9.0” for LG smartphones and it looks very much similar to Samsung’s One UI.

In a new video uploaded by the company on it’s YouTube page shows that the company has refreshed the UI from its previous version LG UX 8.0 and displays major similarities between Samsung’s One UI.

What’s new in LG UX 9.0

  • The new UI has moved major functionalities to the bottom of the screen making it easy and comfortable to use the device with a single hand.
  • The Gallery app has been redesigned with major improvements to the app layout, albums now look more streamlined.
  • Text now has a heavier font-face (bold)
  • The messaging app shows more conversation without opening the message.
  • The contacts app now has more spaces between contacts.
  • Also, it features Dark Mode.

The company has not released any details about which devices will be getting the new redesigned UI but the company mentioned in the description that the new UI has been optimized for the LG G8X ThinQ so we can be sure that it will be getting it soon.

More details could be announced soon.

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