How to take shots like a pro on your budgeted Xiaomi Phones?

Xiaomi Mi 4a camera

Many smartphone companies such as Samsung, Apple, Oppo and so on are well known for their Camera quality and performance however Xiaomi is famous for it’s budget smartphones with balanced amount of quality and performance.

Xiaomi has many of budgeted smartphones such as MI 4, MI 4A, MI 5, MI 5A , MI 6A and so forth.

Xiaomi provides inbuilt camera application for capturing the pictures. the camera application has some add-ons settings with the help of which you could take amazing photographs which might be acceptable by leading pictures selling platforms e.g. Shutterstock

Here I have some shots approved by Shutterstock

My Shutterstock Portfolio

So come to the main point How to take shots like a pro on your budgeted Xiaomi smartphone, here are some tips you can follow to improve your camera performance.

Tips & Tutorial

  • Change resolution aspect ratio to 16:9 if haven’t yet already.
  • Change saturation to the high or highest as nature of picture allow to do so for the instance when you take pictures of natural kinds of stuff like trees, flowers etc then High saturation would be preferable however when it comes to normal portraits of a human being normal saturation is the best.
Mi camera setting
This picture is related to how to change Mi camera saturation.
mi camera setting
Mi Camera aspect ratio setting

Personal Advise

  • Patience
    A great photographer must have characteristic to be patient while taking their perfect shots, so here I would suggest you be patient.
  • Creative
    Sometimes we just ignore our surroundings while we have a lot of things to capture in our local surroundings including our house, local parks, pathways etc all you need to be creative and try to find all those little things.
  • Your own set or background
    No, I’m not talking about a huge set or background model for taking photographs. I just want you to realize about your fancy small Toys or sculptures which you could use to capture different pictures such as Taking miniature photography
  • Perfect lighting or Dull lighting
    Always keep in mind while capturing photography lighting plays a very important role in photography, So next time you take pictures to take care of lighting whether that picture should contain dull or low lighting to BLUR the background or bright lighting to be more clear.
  • Love nature (For those who does Natural photography)
    Someone who loves nature can understand nature even better as compared to the person who has no such interest in nature.
  • Learn Photo editing (Smartphones/PC)
    Obviously, every photographer must be good at editing because editing sometimes plays a big role in photo approval on stock websites. Install applications such as Picsart or Photoshop in PC
  • Inbuilt pro features
    Understand the pro features (if any) available on your smartphone (Generally on Samsung) such as adjusted blur effect, adjusted saturation, adjusted contrast etc
  • Capture in Odd hours
    Capturing in odd hours such as Late night or early morning or dusk (11 pm, 5 am random lol) anyways these kinds of time period help you to take exceptional shots, to be honest.

So these all are my own advice to you here i could share some of my photographs which I’ve taken on Xiaomi Mi 4A having 12mp standard performance camera.

Xiaomi Mi 4A camera
This picture related to Xiaomi Mi 4A camera performance in low light

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