Google has acquired “Where is my Train” app


Expanding its reach all over India, Google has recently acquired Sigmoid Labs the company that developed the most popular Train Tracking App “Where is my Train“. As per the company claims they have more than 10 million registered users on the app.

“Where is my Train” App currently runs only on Android and helps the commuters to track the arrival and departure of the 14,000 Trains that runs in India on daily basis, and also booking the train seats. The best feature of the app is that it also works with poor internet connections and supports eight languages. Its rivals are RailYatri and iXigo which are high value ventured companies.

As per the ET report, there’s no official price of the acquisition dropped, but it is about $30-40 million. Where Is My Train was founded by five former executives of TiVo Corporation, a technology entertainment company in the United States. The startup has a team of about 10 people and is based out of Bengaluru.

“We can think of no better place to help us achieve our mission, and we’re excited to join Google to help bring technology and information into more people’s hands,” Sigmoid Labs wrote on the official website of the App.

The new acquisition falls under Google’s “Next Billion User” division, which is developing products and services to help increase internet adoption in emerging markets. Google has been strengthening its roots in India as it launched a Mobile Payment App last year, about to launch the Question and Answers App Neighbourly

As per the “Where is my Train” app acquisition it is expected that it may get configured in the Google Maps, further information regarding this will be updated soon.

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