Best New Features of the Android Q

Android Q

Google has released the first beta of the upcoming version of the OS, Android Q, which will be released for consumers in the spring this year. The first beta already give us a major views to the upcoming Android Q.

Support for foldable phones

Since 2019 is going to be the year of foldable phones with the release of Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X and some other devices incoming, Google will be making its upcoming Android version to be more comfortable with the foldable phones.

Android Q foldable phone

Location sharing when you need it

With the new Android Q, users will have more control over location sharing, users will have the option to enable the location sharing as per their need. Users will have the full access to give permission when the location can be shared with any app.

Manage phone settings within the app

With the new Android, apps will ask the users for the required settings to be enabled if the required settings are not available such as internet connectivity, NFC, and audio volume.

Better Wi-Fi

Users will be able to share the Wi-Fi credentials in the form of QR Code, instead reading your password aloud in presence of people.

Quick access to remaining battery life

In the upcoming Android Q, the users will be able to view the estimated battery life remaining for usage as on swipe down the battery icon gives views of the battery remaining in the value of hours and minutes.

Some other features provides a new Dark Mode, new Theming and a new Google Font which is now everywhere on Google and its other services.

More details can be found in the Google Blog.

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