Best 5 Guitar Android App For Android For Guitar Lovers


Well many of us love playing guitar however not everyone afford to buy good guitars and just want to enjoy the musical sound of guitar.

For just an experience of guitar playing there are several good applications that you could prefer to install for enjoying the sound of Guitar without purchasing real Guitar.

Well Most of the times, guitar or music lover just play for pleasure not for professional skills so it is a better option to install these 5 Best Guitar app for your android phones in 2020 for free.

1.Solo Guitar Apk

Solo Guitar is one of the perfect guitar application and this has simple interface and good looking chords designs.
Not only the design but also the Sound quality is perfect like a original guitars.
It has 5 guitar sounds to play as flamenco, rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, arpeggios.


– 3 modes to learn to play guitar music: Solo mode, Scale mode and Chord mode
– A lot of songs to learn to play the guitar, with demos of some musical styles, as flamenco, rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, arpeggios…
– Thanks to its unique control, you can record your session tracks and show it to your friends later
– Tap frets on the fretboard to play simple notes, complete scales or chords
– HD interface. You can choose the guitar layout you like
– Pack of real sounds recorded with studio quality and some multi effect units, using acoustic, classical and electrical guitar sounds, with reverb, compression/sustain and delay effects. The output of the multi effect units have then passed through a high gain valve amplifier
– Perfect for jamming, you can use it also as a tuner
– Thanks to its chords notation, you can play all the tabs you want. Use it as an accompaniment tool
– Short delay (note: depending on your device memory and speed)
– Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese

2.Real Guitar – Free Chords, Tabs & Music Tiles Game

Real Guitar is easy to play guitar similator for android & also it has Music Tiles Games and it allows you learn new skill for a real guitar which is pretty nice option it has.

Real guitar for free mixes different types of guitar together in one app, gives you a better experience and a convenient way to play folk guitar, acoustic guitar, and electric guitar. Whether you are a guitar newbie or a guitar master, what you need is ready in Real Guitar for Free.


  • Playing Guitar Freely to:
  • Unlimited Songs & Tabs
  • Multiple Playing Options
  • Various Types of Guitar

3.Guitar +

Guitar + still one of the most popular application for guitar simulation however it has some flaws as well like it’s interface sometime laggy and old fashion.

Guitar + is good similator for beginners as it helps to enhance your skill on real Guitar. Inshort it is work more like Guitar lession that’s why we have put this App in Best 5 Guitar Application for Android for guitar lovers.


  • Various skin color
  • Various works of greatest artist available
  • High Quality sounds of guitar including: nylon guitar, steel guitar, distorted guitar…
  • Professional feedback & support system via email
  • Available for all Android phones

4. Walk Band – Multitracks Music

Walk Band has not only the guitar but also other instrucments such as piano and music mixer. it has over 500M+ downloads as of now.


  • Piano keyboard
  • Guitar solo & chords mode
  • Bass guitar solo & chords mode
  • Drum pad & kit mode
  • Drum machine, Beats Pad Mode
  • USB MIDI peripheral keyboard support

5. My Guitar

My Guitar is a simple application for Guitar simulation however it does have nice features to use.

My Guitar is virtual guitar simulator that can be played like a real guitar. It has 4 guitar types, 4 play modes, all chords, sound effects, performance recorder and player. It also features virtual vibrato arm, string bending, string pressure, MIDI support and lots of other options.


  • Simple and easy interface
  • Lightweight application to use
  • 4 Playing modes
  • Sound effects

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