Android Q features announced at Google I/O 2019

Android Q

Google has revealed the third beta of the upcoming Android Q at the Google I/O 2019. The new Android Q (no sweet name yet) is filled with some new features mentioned below.

Live Caption

The newest feature first, Live Caption feature of the Android Q will be coming to Android phones soon. This will enable the users to add captions in all videos including web videos, the most amazing feature of the new addition is that all data remains in the device so now data is transferred to the cloud and this feature will work with all other apps.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode has officially made its entry to the Android and now the users can enable this feature directly from the Quick Settings tile and also by enabling the battery saver mode.

Smart Reply

Android Q will bring in Smart Reply to all messaging apps in the OS which will help the users to reply directly from the notifications. Thanks to Google AI and Machine Learning now it can predict your actions on the basis of the message like if someone sends you their location on the message, Google will help you directly open that location in maps and start navigation directly from the notification.

Location Privacy

The new Android Q is more focused on location privacy and now the location sharing in the device will be more control by the users than the apps itself. You will get a reminder that an app is using your location in the background even if you’re not using the app, this feature will definetly help target the apps that are found to be misusing the user’s location data in the background.

Similarly with every app now you get a third option of allowing the location sharing only when you use the app other than just allowing or denying the location sharing with the app.

A new specific location sharing is available in the settings to see which apps are using or requires location sharing.

Gesture control and back button

Android Q Gesture Control

This is a controversial update as the new Android Q added a similar long, thin white bar on the bottom of the screen you see in new iPhones which allows the users to access the app drawer from the home screen. Google has removed the back button so now users have to swipe left and right to go back and forth in the apps.

For Multitasking view the user has to swipe and drag across to access.

Focus Mode

Focus Mode could be very useful for some like me as it will allow the users to select the apps they don’t want to get interacted with when they enable the Focus Mode and these apps will be disabled from the device while the Focus Mode is on.

Faster Security Updates

Google promises to provide security updates faster and seamlessly to the Android Q as now with the new security updates the device doesn’t have to restart for installing the updates.

Google has announced that the Android Q beta will be available on 21 devices from 12 different OEM partners. The full list of these OEM partners is as follows:

  • OnePlus
  • Xiaomi
  • Sony
  • Nokia
  • Realme
  • Sony
  • Essential
  • Asus
  • Huawei
  • Vivo
  • Tecno Mobiles
  • Oppo

These are the top new features we found in the upcoming new Android OS. If you like this please subscribe to us for more updates from the Tech World.

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