5 Applications That You Should Install In Your Smartphone

Best applications that you should install in your smartphone

There are plenty of unproductive applications that waste your time however these 5 application that you should install in your Smartphone to make your Smartphone more productive.

These days smartphone made our lives not only easy but also speedy.
now one don’t need to carry their heavy laptops for presentations and business meetings as everything is in our smartphone which is just magnificent.

When it comes to helpful application there are plenty of application available but also there are several junk applications with tons of Ads contains which makes UI more irritating therefore in that concern i’m going to share TOP 5 APPLICATION THAT YOU SHOULD INSTALL IN YOUR SMARTPHONE.


I always been recommending this Powerful Photo editing Application since a long time and believe it or not it is one of the most useful application when it comes to basic to advanced editing features such as Blending, layering, Blur effects etc.

PicsArt has some paid features as well but still free version is just enough for work.it can be the best preference for Bloggers, Instagrammers or YouTubers.

Why Install This App?

  • Easy to use Photo Editing App
  • Basic to advanced photo editing
  • helpful in making logo or post design for Bloggers or YouTubers or even designers
  • Best alternate for Photoshop in Mobile
Pics art Logo

2. Grammarly Keyboard

Grammarly keyboard is pretty impressive application that everybody should install in their smartphone as it helps you to torrent your day to day written mistakes and make your formal conversation more effective and professional.

This application is quite helpful for not only email writing or blogging but also correct Facebook updated, Tweets or Instagram Captions.

Why Install This App?

  • Strong function keyboard with Emojis
  • Correct you when you wrong
  • Powerful suggesting synonyms for more effective word
  • Polish your content
  • Free of cost

3. YourHour-Phone Addiction Tracker and Controller

This light weight application could save up your tons of unproductive time that you spend on your Smartphone. YourHour is basically a tracker that gives you complete details about your activities and the time spend on such activities.Lets say “How much time you spend on Entertainment or How many time you unlock your device:”.

Why Install This App?

  • Prevent Addiction Problem of Smartphone
  • Super light weight app just 7 MB
  • Underrated but still the best application for tracking your activities and usage

4. Google Keyboard

Not only in Android but also in Ios G keyboard or Google Keyboard is one of the best keyboard ever exist in the smartphones.It has amazing swap to right feature which obviously other keyboards has but what i experience it has the best Swap to write keyboard feature.

Not only the reason why I’ve put this keyboard in this list of top 5 Productive applications but also it has several other features that could help you to save-up time while you are let say writing an email or text message to somebody.

Why Install This App?

  • Save Up a lot more time and energy while typing
  • Perfect sized keyboard
  • Customized theme for your keyboard
  • Being a google Product no ads are there

5. Snapseed

Another Google Application for editing.it is one of the fast and easiest application for editing your Pictures.it can allow you some basic editing as well as advanced level editing.
I can bet this is one of the best editing app ever exist on the Internet.it has amazing wide range of tools for making your picture quite decent looking even if you have standard camera setup.

Why Install This App?

  • Super easy to use
  • Basic to advanced features
  • Easy to make copy of pictures
  • No extra premium cost features
  • No ads


So these were the best 5 applications can save your time and enhance your productivity level in both aspects either in writing or in editing stuffs.

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