5G could impact the weather forecasting

Impact of 5G

The fifth generation (5G) wireless network will be fast and it will be really very fast than the current 4G networks. The race to get the fastest network has started and in this race, nobody thought that this could impact the nature and even human life reports claims.

The heads of the NASA and NOAA as reported by The Washington Post and CNET warns that the next generation of the wireless network could impact the weather forecasting abilities and push it back to the 1980s which will reduce the ability of weather prediction and predicting the time available to evacuate or prepare yourself if a hurricane is going to impact.

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The fact behind the danger of 5G is that the next generation wireless network is designated 24 GHz band which happens to be very close to the frequencies used by microwave satellites to observe water vapor and detect those changes in the weather and have the potential to obstruct its service.

Last week, Acting NOAA head Dr. Neil Jacobs told the House Subcommittee on the Environment that as per the 5G rollout plan its is expected to affect their satellites performance by 70 percent and reduce it to just 30 percent.

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine also made a similar comment to the House Science Committee. “That part of the electromagnetic spectrum is necessary to make predictions as to where a hurricane is going to make landfall,” he told the committee.

The industry and the FCC were known about this concern as they are getting ready to set up the 5G network the recent versions of the 3GPP’s 5G NR specification specifically have a work out to protect satellite weather services, by reducing the emission levels of nearest 5G signals between 24.25 and 27.5 GHz. (for more information you can read here in Additional spurious emission requirements for NS_201)

Earlier a fake news spread around the world that a 5G network test lead to the death of hundreds of birds in Hague.

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