Top announcements from Microsoft Xbox at E3 2019

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft made the first major announcements of the E3 2019 after Sony not present at the event. Microsoft made several major announcements including the details about the new Xbox and release dates for major games including the most-anticipated games like Halo Infinite and Gears 5.

If you missed the event here are the top announcements from the Microsoft Xbox E3 2019.

Project Scarlett is here

Microsoft finally unveilled the long rumoured Project Scarlett that is called to be the successor of the Xbox One. In short details the new device will support 8K resolution gaming at 120fps, and ray-tracing. The new gaming device will be launched in the holiday 2020 period.

xCloud is coming in October

Microsoft has also unveiled its long-awaited cloud gaming service xCloud which will available in October. According to Xbox head Phil Spencer the new streaming platform “will turn your Xbox One into your own personal and free xCloud server,”.

Revamped Xbox Elite Controller

Microsoft’s Elite Controller for the Xbox is getting a new update, the company announced the the Elite series 2, which “features over 30 new ways to play like a pro, including adjustable-tension thumbsticks, new interchangeable components, up to 40 hours of rechargeable battery life, and limitless customization with the Xbox Accessories app on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.”

Halo Infinite: Discover Hope

Microsoft released the trailer of the upcoming Halo Infinite which will be released with the upcoming new console Project Scarlett in 2020. Halo Infinite appears to be an open-world version of Halo.

Gears 5

Gears 5 will be available from 10th September for both Xbox One and PC. The game will feature a new mode called “Escape,” in which a squad of players must infiltrate and plant a bomb inside a hive before … escaping.

George R.R Martin’s Elden Ring

Microsoft has also unveiled the rumoured Elden Ring in collaboration with George R.R Martin and Dark Souls creator FromSoftware. Elden Ring is a fantasy game which is in making and the trailer of the game feature great cinematic work so it is expected to be a great game for fantasy game lovers.

Elden Ring will be available on Xbox and PC.

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red’s open-world epic Cyberpunk 2077 is taking John Wick into the future, and it is expected to be released on April 16th, 2020.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is back

One of the most iconic PC game Microsoft Flight Simulator is returning to the gaming world with new graphics, new planes, new challenges to your virtual realistic flights. The game will be launched next year.

Several other games were announced by Microsoft Xbox at the E3 2019. Have a look at their trailer.

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