Pokémon Go’s PvP Trainer Battle mode is live now

Pokemon Go

The most awaited feature of the Niantic developed Pokémon Go the Player versus Player Trainer Battles are live now. The new update to the Niantic game has added this feature but is only available to the players with level 10 or up. Currently Level 10 is necessary to access this mode of the game.

Basically, both of the players need to be in the same location to battle it out, you can also battle through your friends list or by scanning the QR code of the player you want to battle with also you can as well as practising against AI-controlled team leaders.

You can earn in-game rewards battling against human players including the currently much sought-after Sinnoh Stone, which helps you to evolve your Pokémon to their powerful final forms which was recently introduced as part of the fourth generation. A player can earn rewards by this mode only three times a day.

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