Niantic ‘Pokémon Go’ makers now worth about $4 billion

Pokemon Go and Niantic

Niantic Inc. the company that developed the mobile game “Pokémon Go” is on a way of reaching $4 Billion as per The Wall Street Journal Reports. After raising a new capital of around $200 million from a venture-capital firm IVP, with participation from strategic investors Samsung Electronics Co. and aXiomatic Gaming LLC.

The new capital addition will boost Niantic’s worth to about $4 billion at which the Fortnite makers Epic Games was this spring. Currently after a big round of funding in October Epic Games is worth around $15 billion, which was $660 million in 2012 when Fortnite (not like the same it is today) was first announced as per Forbes.

The new capital funding to Niantic means that the investor still believes that the company still have high hopes even though the craze for Pokémon Go has cooled off. When Pokemon Go was launched two years earlier the stock prices of Nintendo were hiked by 25%, which fall down to 17% after the investors were reminded that company didn’t developed the game.

Pokémon Go have recently introduced the PvP Multiplayer Mode as the Trainer Battles where users can take on each other one-on-one and in league battles. Niantic Inc. is currently also working with Warner Bros. on the development of recently announced Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, which is expected to launch in 2019.

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