List of all games available for Free or heavy discounts due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Alto's Odyssey

Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is spreading around the world after since the last two weeks which has claimed more than 8,000 deaths around the world and to counter the spreading of the virus as the virus transmits human-to-human countries have decided to put cities under lockdown restricting people to keep social distancing for their own safety.

Companies have also allowed employees to work from home which also gives them a pleasure to stay safe against the virus spreading, digital service companies are also taking a stand for the people staying at home for safety by offering good discounts for their users and also grab some new users in the time of crisis. People are spending their time watching movies and playing video games.

While some of the gaming companies are offering some of their games for free and on heavy discounts. We listed some of the games here:

Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey

Snowman the creators of both the Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey is offering both games for free on the App Store for the next few days.

Both games are endless runner snowboarding games (technically sandboarding in Alto’s Odyssey) offers a very relaxing experience with minimalist graphics and nice story.

It was always available for free on Android devices but now for some days it is also available for free on App Store

Download: Alto’s AdventureApp Store (free), Google Play (free)

Mini Metro

Public Transportation is not the best option of traveling these days but if you love traveling in Metro, Mini Metro maybe the best puzzle game to offer you some Metro time where your objective is to build an adequate rail transit network for your city that is continuously increasing in population.

Download: Alto’s AdventureApp Store (free), Google Play (free)

Kingdom Rush Origins

Ironhide Game Studio is offering the Kingdom Rush Origins which is a fantastic game to pick up for your smartphone or tablet unless you are not a fan of tower defense games. The game is well-known for the interactive features that make it one of the top tower defense games available right now.

Download: App Store(free), Google Play (free)

A Short Hike

If you love hiking and can’t go outside this is the game that is meant for you, In the game A Short Hike you play as a bird taking a stroll around the countryside as she works her way up the mountain hoping to get a signal on her phone.

Download: Epic Games Store (free)

Sims 4

Available on: Base game: Microsoft Store ($10), Origin ($5)

Expansion packs: Microsoft Store ($9 – $54), Origin ($5 – $20)

Developing…more to follow

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