How To Design Customize Xbox Controller?

how to customize xbox controller

Microsoft Xbox launches the new challenge to design your own Xbox controller design and Save $5.

Xbox provides more than 1 billion color combinations to create for your customized xbox controller and purchase online at Xbox‘s official website.

Xbox tweeted that To save up to $5 on every de4sign you’re creating for your own Xbox controller.

How To Create Your Own Xbox Controller Design?

Microsoft Xbox provides a platform to design own customized designs to create and it has more than a billion color combinations available.

There are custom colors available for each part of your Xbox Controller so this quarantine you could be able to choose your own perfect Xbox Control

Xbox Design Lab has several readymade packages for the NFL and other leagues to create. it is also providing free shipping delivery and package can arrive within 20 days 

Features and specifications

  • or Xbox One and Windows 7/8.1/10
  • Features Bluetooth® for easy wireless gaming on Windows 10 devices
  • Remap buttons through the Xbox Accessories app
  • Compatible with Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, Chat Headset, Stereo Headset, Chatpad and more
  • Includes 3.5mm stereo headset jack and (2) AA batteries
  • Textured grip for more control

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