Google Maps added Snake game for April Fools Day

Google Maps Snake

Google has added the much popular Snake game to its Google Maps app for the April Fools Day. The game has been added on a temporary basis on both iOS and Android apps. Google says the game will remain on the app until this week. You can also play the game afterwards on a standalone website.

Users are able to get into the game by starting the app and click on the left top button and they will find a play snake icon on the section.

Google Snake Game
Image: Google

The game is a different version of the old Snake game with the cities and the entire world maps (Cairo, São Paulo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo) as your background layout, your snake is a train or bus and your collectables are the Google Maps Icons you see on Maps.

Users can also share their score to Facebook, Twitter and other apps.

So get your hands on the Google Maps version of the game till its here and also share your top score below in the comments.

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