Best Android OS for PUBG Mobile on PC

best 5 android os for pubg

If you love PUBG you must try these 5 Android OS at least once. Make your PUBG experience to the next level.

As PUBG users increasing day by day, competition emerging at the same place and many of us prefer mouse and keyboard for shooting games but Android Simulators like Bluestacks demand heavy specs in order to run PUBG Mobile.
Take an example you must have at least 8 GB of ram and more than 2 GHz of Processor (Core i5 Preferable).

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Now you don’t have to worry about heavy specs required since these 5 OS works so well even at low specs PCs. YAY!! I’m Listing out the Best Android OS For PUBG Lovers.

1. PrimeOS

PrimeOS is an operating system based on Android. It is basically for playing Android games on your laptop or PC it is quite lightweight therefore, it is supported on almost every hardware whether high specs or a low one.

PrimeOS is an Indian OS so it would be appreciable if you’d install that among all other Android OS.

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2. Remix OS

Remix OS is another Android OS for Personal Computer. It is extremely lightweight and smooth running operating system.

It is quite good for low-end PCs and for those who want to play Android games on their computer. It has some good features and password security features & it runs on Android 6.1 Version.

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3. Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is cool to install if you love android so much. Make your PC so like an android device which makes it extremely amazing.

Phoenix OS is a bit complicated as compared to Prime and Remix OS but still works well with 7.1 android version and also 5.1 versions available on the download center.

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4. Bliss OS

Bliss comes in a few variants. On top of our traditional device builds of Bliss ROM, our GSI/Treble builds will work on most treble compatible devices (Android Pie+) and our x86 variant (Bliss OS) is made to work with the Linux kernel and supports booting with MBR/UEFI type bootloaders. So just about any Windows/Linux PC or tablet released in the last 4 years.
According to Bliss developers; “We are always developing with usability in mind, and supporting more and more devices each week”

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Bliss OS developers focused not only on the Battery Friendliness of OS but also on security issues which are so common among Android users.

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5. Chrome OS

As the name suggest chrome OS is powered by Google, therefore it is based on a Linux platform with several amazing features such as no third-party directory or server since it is directly connected to Google.

Chrome OS is a cloud-based operating system and launched in their first Chromebook. It neither Flop nor Bop OS but it would be preferable if you have a low-end machine and wanted to feel like Mac OS.
Sounds Cool right?
Well yes, Android OS is so lightweight so they perform so well even in low-end PCs.

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There might be several benefits of these Operating System to use but I would like to line up some of them.

  1. Enjoy PUBG on the big screen.
  2. Protect your eyes.
  3. Smooth running even at low specs.
  4. Free Applications.
  5. Feel like MacOS.

5 thoughts on “Best Android OS for PUBG Mobile on PC

  1. sorry but i think it is a nonsense list, why would you place it as it is? what is the reason? why is the 1st better than the 2nd, why is the 2nd better than the 3rd?! what are your reasons? you haven’t stated anything, only redundant explanation for everything.

      1. Remix OS is dead, but there is phoenix os. GG, but well there is a bloated OS HERE. The Phoenix OS which is considering limit downloading games and put more Chinese ads to user’s UI until they purchased Phoenix OS Vip or having a week trial for free. I gonna consider 3 OS in one: Remix + Phoenix + Prime ?

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