Tokyo Olympics 2020 will feature new technologies for viewers to experience

Intel partners with the Tokyo Olympics 2020 Committee for the Olympics 2020

Since the next years Olympics are going to be held in Tokyo which is the capital of Japan the country known for Robotics. The viewers of the Track and Field events at the games will be experiencing a new feature in the races.

Intel has partnered with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Organizing Committee to make the event most innovative Olympics event ever.

Intel displayed a preview video which shows that the user will be able to experience the races with the colorful overlays of the performance of the racers as the race progresses as shown in GIF mentioned above.

Intel has announced that it will be using the 3D Athlete Tracking (3DAT) which works in real-time so the users will be able to experience live at their screens and the Virtual Reality (VR) at the event to train Venue managers.

Yiannis Exarchos, executive director of Olympic Channel Services says that the tech is also capable of understanding the “form and motion of athletes,” and this will all result in new “insights” into the Olympic competitions for viewers.

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Intel has also developed a new large-scale facial recognition system called “NeoFace” which will be used to identify over 300,000 people at the games, including athletes, volunteers, media and other staff for entry points of venues and accommodations.

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