The runtime of Avengers: End Game is officially out

Captain America in the Avengers End Game

Avengers: End Game will be a whopping 181 minutes (3 hours and 1 minute) long as confirmed by the British Board of Film Certification. The BBFC has rated the movie as moderate violence and passed the movie with zero cuts and summarized the movie as “a US fantasy film about a team of superheroes”.

We all witnessed that when Thanos arrived in the Avengers: Infinity War it was thrilling and in the quest for his search of the infinity stones he killed many but after his quest of Infinity Stones ended and in just a snap he vanished half of the population from the Universe including Avengers. To check if you survived or you got slain by Thanos there’s a website that can tell you that.

The sequel to the Avengers: Infinity War (149 minutes) released in 2018 which left us with many questions at the end of the movie with half of the Avengers vanished by Thanos (Most Powerful Villian in the Marvel Universe).

Avengers: End Game will be a pinch longer than the Bollywood film Border (176 minutes), but will be shorter than Jodhaa Akbar (213 minutes) and LOC: Kargil (255 minutes).

The director of the movie Anthony and Joe Russo visited Mumbai earlier and in an interview to described the movie as exploring “the cost of being a hero” and looking at “community and heroes standing up against tyranny”. To make the movie more close to the Indian viewers Marvel collaborated with Oscar winning music composer A.R Rahman who scored a Marvel Anthem in English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.

With the length of the movie, some fans are asking to add a Bathroom break in between the movie.

Scarlett Johansson, who plays Black Widow in the movie, shared the advice given by co-star Mark Ruffalo, who plays Hulk in the movie, on a recent episode of the Jimmy Kimmel show: “Mark said you should wear a diaper, then you don’t have to get up. But then you’re also sitting in your own urine.”

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