Spotify launched its streaming service in India


Spotify has been officially launched in India after a long wait in starting it was launched for some users but on Wednesday it has been made available for everyone in India.

Spotify is the most popular streaming service in the world with over 200 million users out of which 87 million are paying customers working in 79 nations in the world.

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For the starting 30 days, Spotify’s premium service will be available for free and then it will cost 119 rupees (about $1.67) per month. The company also offers single-day, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual plans. Similar to other streaming services available in India, Spotify will also offer a free, ad-supported product.

Spotify Lite:

Focusing on the Indian Market, Spotify has launched the Lite Version of its Android App which is designed to overcome the weak and patchy internet connections the new app size is just 10MB compared with the core version at about 100MB.

Spotify Lite has 90% of the features of the main app omitting the video and cover artist. Spotify Lite will run on Android 4.3 or above and will run smoothly on low-end devices.

Spotify Lite is now officially available in 36 countries across Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa with more locations to follow.

Spotify made a worldwide content deal with the leading Indian Film and music company T-Series which has a catalog of more than 160,000 songs. Spotify is under a legal battle with Warner Music Group where Warner Music Group asked an Indian court to block Spotify from being able to play music from its inventory.

Since its huge demand, it won’t be easy for Spotify to stand as it has to fight with the local player Gaana, which has more than 80 million users, Saavn and Wynk as well as Google, Apple, and Amazon streaming services.

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