Sony’s Aibo Robot dog could be your favourite smart home assistant as well

Sony Aibo robot dog

Sony’s adorable Aibo robot dog can now perform all your tasks such as turning on/off your smart home appliances that a smart home assistant like Alexa or other devices does thanks to the new “aibo Developer Program” introduced by the company.

With it’s new program Sony is inviting developers to make “services and applications” that can perform well with Aibo and upgrades its capabilities. In the video above you can see that Aibo helped in monitoring the microwave, turn on a robot vacuum, remind a child that she had left the fridge open, and best of all it act as surveillance camera for the child’s mom?

To create simple tasks for aibo, the company has also given support for aibo visual programming which allows you use Scratch’s drag-and-drop block coding to teach Aibo new tricks and tasks to perform. In the video below you will see Aibo picking up a tissue, which could be a helping hand for you if you feel cold or don’t want to pickup tissue yourself.

You get the ability to program but aibo has the freedom to decide which specific behavior to execute depending on his/her psychological state.

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