Sony and Yamaha Motors to make self-driving SC-1 Sociable cart for theme parks

SC-1 Sociable Cart by Sony and Yamaha

Sony Corporation and Yamaha Motors joined hands for the development of the SC-1 Sociable Cart which is a vehicle that delivers a new mobility experience for venues such as golf courses, amusement parks, and commercial facilities.

The new SC-1 Sociable Cart is a 10.69-ft long, 4.28-ft wide, and 6-ft tall innovative design vehicle which has the capacity of five passengers generates a top speed of 19 kmph using replaceable Lithium-ion batteries.

It has a 49-inch 4K display on the inside which provides a mixed reality view of the world, while four 55-inch 4K displays will show ads and other materials to the people passing by the vehicle. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to display ads to people based on factors like age and gender.

Sony developed the concept vehicle in 2016 and unveiled the first SC-1 New Concept Cart prototype in 2017. In 2018, Sony and Kanucha Bay Resort Co. Ltd. joined together to use the SC-1 to provide Moonlight Cruise, a limited-time ride experience service where customers were able to enjoy the video and audio entertainment powered by augmented reality (AR) projected against the backdrop of night scenes at a golf course in Okinawa.

The SC-1 Sociable Cart will not be available for sale and will only be provided for fun venues to experience the new mobility.

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