Google Search added a really cool Thanos Snap effect

Thanos Finger Snap

Google has always been adding effects to its search engine with really cool Google Doodle Games, Interactive in-app games to its search engine and other Google platforms, and this time Google has added an Avengers effect and you must try it.

We all know what happened when Thanos did the Finger Snap in the Avengers: Infinity War and Google got so inspired with it and created a similar effect to its search engine as the Avengers: End Game is not available in Theatres around the World.

Thanos Finger Snap on Google
Thanos Finger Snap on Google

Steps to see the new Thanos Effect on Google Search Engine:

  • Go to on desktop or mobile or in your Google App.
  • Type in Thanos and look for the Thanos Gauntlet in the search.
  • Tap/Click on it and wait for the Thanos Gauntlet Finger Snap.
  • You will hear the sound of the snap and everything on the search result starts vanishing randomly from the search results.

Once you tried it and the snap effect happened you will see that the number of search results you saw in the results will turn to half of what you search before the finger snap.

You can also try our Thanos survival game to check if you could have survived or slain by Thanos.

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You must try it!!!

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