Google announcement at the CES 2019

Google Assistant

Las Vegas, Nevada – Google made some big announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week. All announcements basically moves to increase the presence of Google Assistant over other voice-powered AI.

Here’s the concise details of all announcements:

Google says that its Assistant, the voice-powered AI will be available on 1 billion devices by the end of this month.

Google Assistant will now be available on the Google Maps on both iOS and Android. Google rolled out the new update to the Google Maps today.

Google Assistant will now be available soon on the Sonos Speakers. In the starting it will be available on Sonos speakers with built-in mics first (Sonos One and Sonos Beam).

2019 Samsung TVs will also get the Google Assistant compatibility later this year. Consumer will be able to link up their Google Home or something similar device with the Samsung TV, allowing you to turn it on/off, adjust the volume, change the channel and switch inputs with your voice.

Google Assistant will also be available in Dish to its Hopper set-top boxes, allowing the consumer to speak to Assistant through the Dish voice remote.

Lenovo is building its own Google Assistant powered smart clock.

Google Assistant is getting new “Interpreter Mode” which can translate your conversation on the go into 27 different languages.

Google worked with both Anker and JBL to develop devices that will be added to your car’s 12V outlet which is often just known as cigarette lighter, which can be connected over AUX or Bluetooth. This device will have echo/noise cancellation to have good use with road noise and help you use Google Assistant without unlocking your phone.

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