Fortnite’s Galactus Event was watched by more than 15.3 million viewers

Fortnite Galactus Event

Fortnite’s Marvel-themed season finally ended with The Galactus event on Tuesday and it made a new record for Epic Games with 15.3 million concurrent players watching the event as per the tweet by the company.

The event started with players teaming up at the Avengers’ helicarrier in the game as Galactus slowly made his way to the island before bellowing the ominous words “Beware. I hunger.” He then smashed the Avengers’ helicarrier out of the sky, and players were guided into the action by Iron Man himself.

It was a unique event than other events in Fortnite in which to stop Galactus from destroying the island, all players had to pilot a version of the iconic battle bus armed with explosives to feed the supervillain in which the players get to play like an over-the-top arcade shooter and eventually ended with Galactus exploding, leaving the island seemingly intact.

After the event ended the players ended with a shot of main character Jonsey in a suit lying on the floor of a drab office.

The Galactus event surpassed the Travis Scott virtual concert held in April this year that peaked at 12.3 million concurrent views during the first show at the event. Epic also noted that 3.4 million people watched the Galactus event on Twitch and YouTube.

Currently, the game is down with a countdown ticking away the hours until the season 5 of the game launches later tonight.

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