Apple Music cut down its prices in India

Apple Music

Apple Music has slashed its prices in India, following the big price cuts from the rivals Jio Saavn and Gaana. The new price makes Apple Music is now available for Rs. 99 ($1.43) per month dropping from Rs. 120 ($1.73) a month.

The new price cut is a response to the arrival of Spotify and YouTube Music in India however, this is not the only reason why prices have been reduced by Apple Music. Local companies like Jio Saavn and Gaana controls Indian music streaming market with more than half of the active music streamers in the country.

Two weeks ago, Jio Saavn reduced its annual fee of Rs. 999 ($14.44) to 299 rupees ($4.32) per year on a promotion basis which was available to certain users. Later to counter this offer Gaana slashed its annual fee from Rs. 1,098 ($15.87) to Rs. 299 ($4.32) per year. Both Companies monthly charges are still the same as Rs. 99 per month.

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Apple Music99
YouTube Music99

The battle of Music streaming in India is now huge with multiple services available now and all the companies are fighting hard to keep themselves in front of each other in the second largest country of mobile users with the cheapest internet prices.

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