All Major Avengers: EndGame Questions Answered

Avengers EndGame

WARNING: Major SPOILERS ahead for the Avengers: EndGame

Marvel Studios Avengers: EndGame the final movie of the 10-year long Marvel Cinematic Universe left us with many memories and many questions unanswered related to the movie and the future of the MCU.

We created a list of questions that are wandering around the internet.

Is Iron Man really dead?

In the Avengers: End Game the last one to hold Infinity Gauntlet was Iron Man and when he snapped his fingers — Thanos and his army were vanished from the Universe and left Iron Man dead, so unquestionably Iron Man is dead for now, but there is always Comic Cheating is available and time travel exists in the MCU.

Is Loki alive again?
Loki (source: Marvel)

Apparently yes, in the Avengers: End Game final battle sequence we saw that Loki also returned from the dead, but as per the MCU Loki was killed by Thanos at the beginning of the Avengers: Infinity War. When the Avengers went back to the time in 2012 for the search of Space Stone but Loki came across the Tesseract and teleports away during the 2012 Battle Of New York. There is a Disney+ Loki TV Spinoff is under making so it all seems real.

Captain America always had the power to hold Mjolnir?
Captain America with Thor Hammer
Captain America with Thor Hammer (source: Marvel)

In the final battle sequence of the Avengers: EndGame we witnessed Captain America fighting with the Mjolnir (Thor’s Hammer) but if he was able to hold it earlier why he didn’t pick it up in the Avengers: Age of Ultron when he had the chance but I guess he was being noble and didn’t want to embarrass Thor. But its a question of debate always

Why Captain America took Mjolnir back to the past in the end?

After the final battle and the funeral of Iron Man, Captain America went back in time to return the Infinity Stone but he took Mjolnir with him and returned without it. It all seems real as Present Thor stole Mjolnir from the past when he went back in time with Rocket to bring the space stone from Asgard.

How Black Widow and Wandavision movie will work since Black Widow and Vision are dead?

The answer to this is basically prequels like Black Widow Movie will probably showcase Natasha’s life before she joined The Avenger. Disney+ upcoming WandaVision series will basically focus on Vision’s relationship between the Civil War and Infinity War.

What's in the future for the MCU Fans?

The closest movie is the Spider-Man: Far From Home and the new trailer reveals the life of Peter Parker after Tony Stark is gone for more we want you to have a look at the new trailer. Black Panther, Doctor Strange, and Guardians of the Galaxy (including Thor with them) sequels are in the works.

These are the major questions we found if you have some please mention them in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe us.

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