Volkswagen unveiled ID.3 its first all-electric car at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

Volkswagon ID.3

German Auto manufacturer Volkswagen has unveiled the final version of its first affordable electric long-range car named ID.3 at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show. The company says that ID.3 will be available in three variants which will offer a range from 205 to 340 miles.

The company announced that the base model of the ID.3 has a 45kWh battery pack which will be available for “under €30,000” and will have a range of 330 kilometers, or 205 miles.

The company also announced that the two larger capacity variants of the car will have 58kWh battery which will offer 420 kilometers (261 miles) and 77kWh battery which will offer 550 kilometers (340 miles) in a single charge.

Volkswagen ID.3

VW also says that the base model of the ID.3 will have a 50kW charger and the 58kWh variant will have a 100kW charger and the 77kWh battery variant will have a 125kW charger. The company is also giving eight years/ 160,000 kilometers warrant on the ID.3 battery pack.

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Volkswagon’s ID.3 looks like VW’s popular hatchback Golf and the ID.3 is a very important car for VW as the company has a long lineup of electric cars like a crossover SUV (the I.D. Crozz), a sedan (the I.D. Vizzion), a larger SUV (the I.D. Roomzz) to be revealed soon.

ID.3 is equipped with multiple features like it has keyless entry and the LED headlights of the car flutter like eyelids as the owner of the car approaches towards it. In the inside, the car has a 10-inch touchscreen display that gives you all information and controls of the car except the window and hazard lights which has physical buttons.

It has an AR display which projects the information on the windshield of the car and it has a “voice assistant” which can be triggered by saying “Hello ID”. The ID.3 also has a wireless charging mat for smartphones, and buyers can upgrade to a Beats-branded stereo package, which the company says “offers an audio atmosphere like at a live concert.”

The company says that the ID.3 will be available in the mid-2020.

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