Sony Vision-S concept car is packed with autonomous technologies

Sony Vision S Concept Car

Sony surprised everyone at the CES 2020 with unveiling Vision S an electric concept car that is to showcase the company’s ability from entertainment products to camera sensors and more.

The Vision-S is loaded with 33 different sensors inside and outside of the car and we can make an easy guess that most likely some of the sensors are to enable autonomous driving, 360 Reality Audio tech, wide-screen displays, and other features. Since it was just a surprise reveal Sony didn’t reveal much about the Vision-S during the event.

The first prototype of Vision-S presents an easy brief of Sony’s imaging and sensing technologies, as well as the company’s developments in AI, telecommunication and cloud technologies.

Sony Vision-S sensors:

The 33 sensors equipped in the Vision-S prototype are available in the interior and exterior of the vehicle. These sensors include high-resolution, HDR-compatible CMOS image sensors (for road sensing, object detection, and color identification, Solid State LiDAR (for the day- and night-time vision and object detection) and radar for relative velocity detection and distance sensing.

It is equipped with Time of Flight (ToF) sensors embedded inside that can detect and recognize people and objects inside and outside the car. All these sensors and technology combined create which Sony is calling its “Safety Cocoon Concept” that can detect through 360 degrees around the car. The car’s autonomous driving skills are Level 2 currently which means the system can take full control of accelerating, braking and steering, but the driver needs to monitor the car respond if the system fails.

Sony Vision-S Concept Car

The company has not delivered many specifications of the car but is a four-seater with two 200kW engines and it can go from 0-62 mph in 4.8 seconds, with a top speed of 149 mph.

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