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Nissan unveiled it’s first test car based on LEAF+ technology

Nissan unveiled it's first test car based on all-electric LEAF+ technology with dual-electric motors and all-wheel drive system which will be available in future Nissan EV cars.

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Joker is now the biggest DC Movie of all time in many countries

Joaquin Phoenix's Joker has became the highest grossing R-Rated movie and fifth-highest grossing DC movie of all-time.

Migrating Eagles flew so far it racked up huge bills for Russian Scientists

Some Migrating Steppe Eagles went too far away than expected that brought huge amount of bill for researchers to...

Apple AirPods Pro with noise cancellation and hands free Siri access announced at $249

Apple announced the AirProds Pro with noice cancellation, Hands-Free Siri access and extended battery life priced at $249.

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