MG (Morris Garages) Hector starts from 12.18 lakhs what to expect?

MG Hector

The British Sports Car maker MG (Morris Garages) Motors has made their entry to India unveiling its new MG Motors Hector a full range SUV with the advanced connect technology dubbed as iSMART.

MG Hector is available in 2.0-liter diesel and a 1.5-liter petrol engine with mild-hybrid technology. In its introductory price, the MG Hector starts at INR 12.18 lakhs and ranges to INR 16.78 lakhs for the Petrol variant.

The Diesel variant of the Hector starts at INR 13.18 lakhs to 16.88 lakhs.

Full price list and variant details available here

  • Hector Remote Control
  • Hector Geo-Fencing
  • Hector Navigation
  • Hector Know Your Status
  • Hector Infotainment Panel

MG Hector iSmart Features

  • Hector has a 10.4-inch tablet-like touchscreen display to use the advanced features of the new car.
  • Hector’s infotainment system is powered by an Android-based OS and a 5G ready eSIM enabled for continuous internet access and provide over-the-air updates from the company.
  • Hector also gets an iSmart Mobile Application to control the AC, door and tailgate lock and unlock as well as the sunroof.
  • E-Call – Hector has a smart calling feature which provides Emergency assistance as when the AirBags deployed a message will be delivered to the company’s 24X7 help center and to the registered mobile numbers.
  • Ganna subscription is enabled for music entertainment in the car.
  • Hector uses Geo-fencing technology to alert if the car moved far from the set-perimeter area and ‘Find My Car’ feature navigates to the car park location so you will never have to worry where you parked your car.
  • The AI-powered Navigation system helps in finding the shortest path to reach a specific location.

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