Mercedes-Benz unveiled its concept Vision EQS at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept

German Auto manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled Vision EQS its another concept car of the EQ lineup of cars at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show which displays that the future cars of the EQ lineups will be as thrilling as the Vision EQS.

The Vision EQS is a concept car and it’s packed with specifications of a futuristic car since it’s never going to come out as a production car so its specifications gives you the overlay of the future production cars from Mercedes-Benz.

The company says it’s looking to shell out 700 kilometers (435 miles) of range from the almost 100kWh battery pack which is capable of generating more than 469 horsepower. The company also says that the concept would be able to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in under 4.5 seconds which looks fast but not convincing fast.

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The company says that the concept car has been designed on a “fully-variable battery-electric drive platform” which can be “scaled and used on a cross-model basis.” similar architecture is being followed by Volkswagen which unveiled its ID.3 car at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS Concept

Since the Vision EQS is developed by a car company that produces cars for the wealthy people it does has the luxury interior which has inspiration from luxury yachts and the car is also developed on the idea of sustainability and the interior of the car is made by recyclable materials like the leather of the interior and the roof liner are made with the addition of recycled plastics.

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Mercedes-Benz also says that the company buys battery cells that are CO2-neutral in the production means the battery cells that are produced by using power generated with renewable energy this make Mercedes-Benz as one of the unique car makers that are sticking to its word to keep the environment safe.

More details of the car will be available soon.

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