Lotus Evija is a powerful electric hypercar with 1,972 horsepower

Lotus Evija

British Car manufacturer Lotus has unveiled its first fully developed electric supercar “Evija” — pronounced as “E-vi-ya” since the majority of the stock of the company was purchased by Chinese automotive group Geely in 2017.

Equipped with super specifications the company says that it will stand up to some of the fastest cars in the world when it starts production in 2020 and only 130 cars will be produced, and each car will start at £1.5 million ($1.86 million or ₹12.78 Crore).

Update: The car is currently sold out, the company announced to make 130 models of the car in total.

Lotus Evija Specifications:

Lotus Evija comes in with 1,972-horsepower thanks to four electric motor, one dedicated to each wheel. It produces a top speed of 200 mph (~321 kmph) and can go from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 100 kmph) in under 3 seconds. The company says that the hypercar will have a range of 250 miles (~402 kilometers) when it comes out for sales.

The company also says that the car can be charged to 80 percent from zero in just 12 minutes on 350kW chargers, with a full charge taking only 18 minutes. And when 800kW charging becomes available the company says a full charge will take just nine minutes.

The weight of the car is 1,680 kilograms or about 3,700 pounds which is a part short of similar specced Pininfarina Battista which was unveiled earlier this year.


Lotus Evija is definitely a modern hypercar which features a design that appears like a McLaren and a futuristic racecar. The interior of the car features a racing-style wheelset against a stark, no-frills dashboard, beautifully designed touch-sensitive controls marked by honeycomb indentations in black color.

The Lotus Evija contains all the features that you will find on a supercar. The doors (which dramatically flare out and up) don’t have handles and can only be opened using a key fob or by a switch on the roof. The seats and the steering wheel of the supercar are lined with Alcantara fabric, headlights use lasers to light up the road, mirrors have been replaced by little cameras that jut out of the sides of the car.

The Evija can be further customized, too, though the price will jump even higher.

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