Elon Musk shows wild predictions for the future of Tesla

New Tesla Chip

Tesla CEO Elon Musk shows some wild predictions at the special invitation-only event held at the company’s Palo-Alto Headquarters. In the event, Musk showed the future of the self-driving Tesla vehicles to counter Waymo, GM, and Uber.

Major takeways from the special “autonomy day” event:

  • Tesla unveiled a new microchip which Musk said that it will be included in all new Tesla produced today and he added “it is the best chip in the world… objectively”.
  • The new chip is manufactured by Samsung in Texas to add autonomy and more safety to Tesla vehicles.
  • Tesla will launch the autonomous taxis next year in some areas of the USA which will help Tesla owners to add their cars to Tesla Network, this service will be similar to Uber or Airbnb.
  • Musk told that the company will have more than one million self-driving taxis on the road and by the next year the company will have one million full self-driving vehicles.
  • Musk said that these cars will have Level 5 autonomy with no geofence means these cars can drive in any conditions, with no limitations anywhere on the planet. Currently, there are no cars with Level 5 autonomy.
  • Musk told that the company will produce future cars to run one million miles with minimal maintenance.

These predictions come with criticism as Tesla has been involved in multiple crashed using its Autopilot system. Tesla has failed deadlines many times as it was promised by Elon Musk that the Tesla vehicles will be autonomous in 2018.

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Elon Musk also added that Tesla robo-taxis will cost at $0.18 per mile which will give a tough competition to human-driven taxis which costs at $2 to $3 per mile. He also added that these prices will drop in the upcoming future.

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