Elation Freedom is a ‘Made in America’ EV Hypercar starting at $2 million

Elation Freedom EV Hypercar

California-based Elation Hypercars has officially unveiled a stunning supercar called the Freedom with a small carbon-fiber tub and three battery-powered electric motors in the United States.

Elation Freedom features:

Elation says the Freedom is made with a carbon fiber monocoque chassis fitted with three electric motors, driving all four wheels in a torque-vectoring setup through a proprietary two-speed gearbox that generates a combined total output of about 1,427 hp (1,040 kW), but there’s an option for a fourth motor that the hikes power to 1,903 hp (1,400 kW).

The company says that it produces a top speed of 260 mph (418 kmph) and can go from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96 kmph) in just 1.8 seconds that puts it in the list of hypercars.

Elation Freedom is not just a straight-line car it features a double-wishbone suspension as F1 cars, and active systems for both aero and suspension components contribute to a lateral acceleration of 2.0g during corner turns at high speeds.

On the inside it features a jet-inspired interior, aviation-grade leather and customization with everything from materials to metals as per the buyers requirements.

The company says the car is expected to offer a range of 300 miles on the standard battery or 400 miles on an upgraded battery pack.

Elation is currently accepting reservations for both the Freedom and Freedom Iconic Collection that starts at $2 million for the EV variant and $2.3 million for the V10 model.

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